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"Ernest is an established leader for the youth and young professionals. With his experience as a coach, business executive, and father, he has positively affected the lives of many. On top of his great leadership skills, he is a very spiritual man which shines in his actions as a good human-being at the end of the day."

Kgai Jones

Account Executive, Premium Sales & Service

Phoenix Suns

"Ernest is a proven leader, dedicated to helping young people grow and develop into the best persons they can possibly be."

Dr. John April

School Administrator
Dekalb County (GA) Public Schools

"Ernest has tremendous depth of experience at the highest levels of college athletics and a clear vision for the future of ElitePrep U. He has shown the ability to manage the complex internal demands of large Power Five athletics department while simultaneously energizing fans and supporters in all sports, and I'm confident he will be successful in his next chapter impacting young lives."

Chevonne Mansfield

Director of Athletics

Florida Memorial University

"Ernest is a visionary who's always had a passion for impacting people's lives. He has taught me valuable lessons in all phases of my life from graduating high school to becoming a professional in my career. The knowledge and experiences he possess are second to none and to learn from him is life changing."

Dr. Sandra Glasper

School Administrator
Beecher (MI) Public Schools